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We drive by this every time we go to York Beach Maine, who knew??

May 17, 2015

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Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset England. A beautiful driving tour of the Southwest.

April 6, 2017

This trip started years ago when I first landed on the shores of Britain. After a few tries at driving the car on the left-hand side of the road, I realized how truly easy I could maneuver around singletrack roadways and really immerse myself into true English culture, heritage, and sights.


There was so much I wanted to see, and was able to comfortably incorporate it all into this one week driving extravaganza. The legend of King Arthur and Glastonbury. Joseph of Arimathea's eternal well (here I partook of three glasses. Well, why not? You never know.. they claim it is the eternal well of life), Glastonbury Tor, driving through Dartmoor National Park, a stop at Port Isaac for sea glass and a famous Cornwall Pasty... it all seemed surreal to me at times.


The scenery is breathtaking, people warm and friendly, views of the wild Atlantic crashing against the craggy shoreline and high cliffs will stay with me until my next visit.... 


It did not stop in Cornwall. Onward I drove my Fiat 500 5-speed. Mint green inside and out, along S-turned, single road tracks never knowing what would greet me around the next bend. It was exciting and exhilarating at the same time. Many times at that!


Being caught in an Atlantic squall high up on the barren and remote Moors of Exmoor National Park with no place to hide other than the ruins of what was once a house of pleasure. Ironically, it had no roof. But, afforded me a few laughs while I waited out the worst of the storm. Which passed in minutes.


The Legend of King Arthur and Merlin in Tintagel. A place where, if you believe in 'currents,' one can FEEL the vibrations coming from the earth. A special and magical place, indeed.


Medieval Dunster Castle, where I learned one of the previous lady's of the house was a spy during World War II and was friends with Ian Flemming. 00-That!


Porlock's charms, endless countryside walks and a good pot of English tea, scones, local jam and of course clotted cream. It was all of this


and so much more did I find on this wonderful journey.....

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