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Hostages of Love Series Book One is out!          Casualty of His Touch


General Mark Cohen had finally retired from a long and successful career with the British Army. It was apparent

at a young age his witty daughter, Maggie, housed more of his suspicious gene’s then the softer, more accepting

ones of his wife. Maggie, got into more dirty business than any young lady should.


During her adult life, it escalated to where he had to run between her and the law several times. While working

at the University of Bristol, Maggie’s interference this time lands her smack dab in the center of a major

terrorist cell, trouble with her father and an irritating, handsome Lieutenant Colonel.


Called out of retirement for his past services working highly successful covert operations,

Lieutenant Colonel Douglas “Hawk” Hawthorne needs to meet Maggie. She’s on the “watch list” with the

Ministry of Defense – i.e., MoD and he must gain the INTEL needed regarding her involvement before

moving forward in his mission. When the revelation that Maggie’s father is one of Hawk’s former commanders,

retired General Mark Cohen, he soon realizes more is at stake than the wrath of a former boss.


But Maggie does indeed have a penchant to get her nose into places others cannot. Gaining intelligence and

important details. Hawk needs her and must work with her, an Israeli partner, the General and others to close

this cell down and bring their members to justice before more people are killed.


But working so close has its promises and issues. Issues Doug is not ready to accept as he and Maggie’s

relationship escalates at a rapid pace. But, when she disrespects direct orders from him and her father, all their

worlds are propelled into a deeply dangerous arena to save her life. But at what final cost between the two

of them?


Solstice Publishing


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Anchor and Mermaid Series Book One: Down East Desires, is set in one of the most remote, yet lovely areas of Down East Maine. The small fishing village of Lubec.

At the ripe age of six, Amelia Rhodes spent more than a decade here at her Aunt Irene’s cottage. It was here that a young girl’s imaginary delights focused on one lad in particular. Simon Bradford.

Encounters with Simon over the years were deeply ingrained upon her heart. Even when Amelia’s visits stopped and time moved on, thoughts of Simon stayed with her.

Then a twisted turn of events involving her Aunt Irene’s retirement, property and business forced Amelia to return.

Shady things were happening and the further Amelia dug, the more puzzling it all became.

Then it was clear. There were deeply serious choices to be made. Dare she hide findings from her Aunt? Trust Simon? Believe in true love again?



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From the far reaches of  Planet Earth, hidden treasures await in every corner.

Journey with these women and men on amazing adventures to some of the worlds most beautiful locations.

Take a deep breath. It's time to step outside your own comfort zone and slide into all the secrets life has to offer. Along the way, you may just discover inner strengths you did not know you had.

Who knows, perhaps a bit of romance and intrigue will come your way.


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